Kraftwerk. Power your gadgets with butane

Even if you're just commuting to work, you probably have experienced your phone not making it to the end of the day.

Kraftwerk wants to change that, by powering your gadgets with butane, LPG or any combination thereof. Yes, that's ordinary camping gas. They're running a Kickstarter at the moment, and already more than well established their goal.

In a recent edition of the excellent "What If?", xkcd writer Randall Munroe does a great job explaining how efficient different types of fuel are. The way he explains how a fully charged car battery holds the same amount of energy as a sandwich really puts things into perspective.

Running around outdoors (or just to work and back), I've more than once had my phone die on me halfway through the day. Most of the time, I carry a battery pack for some extra juice, but these tend to be heavy, expensive, and they're batteries, so they degrade over time. Munroe mentions in his article a Kickstarter for a gas-powerd energy source: Kraftwerk. Reading up on it, I can't believe this thing isn't all over the internet. Or all over the outdoor blogs that I read. It's light (200g fully "charged"), and will charge an iPhone 11 times on a full charge. It will take butane/propane mix from your gas canister while outdoors, or just from a can of cigarette lighter gas while at home.
The thing is seriously goodlooking too, with two chique, shiny looking choices, and one eye-popping bright color for outdoors. It's always nice when the designers think about what will happen if you lose a small item in a bed of leaves. The bright yellow will make it so much easier to find it.

The truly good deals were already gone (early bird for € 79, early shipping for € 99, but the regular pre-order deal (€ 99 for shipping in February 2016) is still available, so I took the plunge and backed the project.

11 full charges! No degrading because it isn't a battery! And it's called Kraftwerk, how cool is that?

And now we wait...

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