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Hi! I'm a mom. And I like to hike.

Every new website has a new post, and this is it.

I'm a mom. I like to hike. And of course I hope my kid will grow to like to hike too. When I started looking around on the web for tips and tricks, I couldn't find a whole lot. Some tips here, some advice there... There seems to be no good resource that has it all.

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Op Pad Reader Awards 2015

Yours truly was a member of the reader panel for the Op Pad Outdoor Awards 2015.
It was great fun, and cool to see so many new products together in one place, although most of the available products are still a good deal heavier than what you can buy from the cottage vendors.
Still, it's great to see that lightweight, very lightweight and ultralight are slowly but surely working their way into the 'mainstram' markets. That is certainly good news for moms who have to carry the load for their kids too :)

See the article (and video! boy I wish I'd combed my hair) here

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And then... life

And then life happened, and the website stalled. Because it's more important to actually go outside than to write about it.

I'm putting some photos in Instagram. More to follow in the coming weeks.

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