As a city-dwelling mom, going outside doesn't come naturally to us. But that doesn't mean it's difficult! Nature is everywhere, and even bricks and asphalt can be an adventure.

What can be challenging though, is figuring out what to do with the kids. I know I had a hard time looking for information sometimes. So maybe writing it all down helps others :)

I like to get outside. And of course I hope my kid will grow to like to hike (and bike, and...) too. When I started looking around on the web for tips and tricks, I couldn't find a whole lot. Some tips here, some advice there... mostly catered to the American market. And I'm in Europe. There seems to be no good resource that has it all.

Do I want to run the website that has it all when it comes to hiking with kids in Europe? By all means, no. But I do think that I can help other moms a little. And maybe even dads too.

At the bare minimum, I can just collect a slew of useful info and post it here on Outdoor Mom. And I can share what was fun, what was difficult, what worked and whatnot. Hiking with your kid is an adventure, or it should be. Whether you're the die-hard that brings her kid on a two-week hike with no resupply points, or a mom who just wants to have a bit more fun and adventure in the park in the weekend.

And when they're a little bigger, you can probably sneak away for a day or two (or three, or four...) and go on a trip alone. Or at least without kids. You probably won't get to walk the entire GR5 to Nice (but hey! a girl can dream), but there's enough short walks to enjoy, tracks to ride, trees to climb and whatnot.

So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to write about anything and everything that we discover while getting outside. Whether it be in parks or wilderness. On an afternoon or a week-long trip. And I'll tell you what we wore, what we ate, what we loved and what we hated. What we forgot and what we brought and didn't need. Oh and where we went of course. I'm going to write it all down and hope I can help others with that.

Let's see where that takes us :)

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